10 Best Caffeine Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day

Ahhh . . .

nothing quite beats the aroma and taste of that first sip of hot coffee in the morning.

But have you ever asked yourself whether drinking a cup each day is actually good for you? 54% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. When asked why, Americans either love the taste, or they feel the caffeine wakes them up.
Most do not realize that the coffee bean also offers a multitude of health benefits.

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Let’s take a look at why you should drink coffee daily

Coffee can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Over 100 million, or 9% of American’s now have diabetes or pre-diabetes. The number one factor is poor diet and lifestyle choices.
Research shows that two cups of coffee a day reduces your risk of developing diabetes.

Coffee can prevent cavities.
One main health benefit of coffee is that it decreases tooth decay. Several studies have shown that roasted coffee beans are antibacterial against Streptococcus mutans, the bacterium that causes tooth decay.
Studies also show that roasted coffee may prevent this bacterium from sticking to your teeth!

Coffee may reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, heart disease and cancer.
The number of people diagnosed with these diseases is climbing, but you can lower your risk by drinking at least one cup of coffee a day. Studies show the antioxidant in coffee occurs during the roasting process of raw beans!

Coffee improves your mood.
Coffee contains caffeine, a nootropic that improves your mood and cognitive functioning. In short, it makes you more alert but also boosts your mood (much like chocolate!)
You could do your own study here by drinking coffee each day for a year, then suddenly stop. Most people experience a downshift in their mood, and a cup of coffee soon puts them back in a happy place.

Coffee is good for your liver.
Coffee has been found to reverse liver damage no matter whether you prefer your coffee filtered, instant, or as an espresso!

Coffee could prevent UV induced skin cancer.
Skin cancer is now one of the fastest growing cancers in the world. Other than wearing sunblock, you can reduce your risk, believe it or not, by drinking a daily cup of coffee. Scientists suspect caffeine is responsible, though no one has reached a final conclusion.
It also appears that caffeine in tea works as well.

Coffee improves your cardiovascular health.
Have you ever heard that coffee is bad for our heart?
Well, it is if you drank 50 cups a day, as the great French writer Balzac was once reported to have done. This puts you at great risk for a heart attack. But coffee in moderation each day can actually improve the health of your heart.

Coffee strengthens your DNA.
You might be wondering why you’d need to strengthen your DNA.
Our DNA strands can break, causing illness. To prevent this from happening, caffeine will tighten the integrity of your DNA.

There are more antioxidants in coffee than many fruits, including oranges.
Antioxidants are necessary to help fight against free radicals.

And, yes, coffee can help you live longer.


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Where’s your barista because here are another five reasons to drink coffee every day!

  • The most expensive coffee comes from beans found in elephant poop, selling for as much as $500 a pound, or $1,100 a kilo!
  • Studies show coffee improves athletic performance.
  • Caffeine in coffee jumpstarts sluggish brains.
  • Caffeine makes it easier for muscles to burn body fat! (But large doses (3 cups or more)  can give you the jitters, headaches. heart palpitations, stomach upsets.
  • Last but not least, your garden and houseplants love coffee!


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