A Picture Book on Autism And Belonging

Sometimes, what's going on outside the kitchen matters more

Yes, this is supposed to be about food and kitchen appliances, but writing a picture book then realizing it launches this week is the too-good-to-not-share kind of news! 

My latest picture book is about Michael Jacques who has autism and an intellectual disability.

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It’s been an honour to write Michael’s story as today he is a motivational speaker and recognized with numerous awards for community service, but it wasn’t always like that. 

Because Michael took longer than most kids to understand the rules to a game or realize what people were saying, he was often excluded.

At some point in our lives, when you’ve been left out of something, whether intentionally or not, you don’t forget how that moment felt.

It stings.

It smarts.

It hurts deep inside.

Michael and I hope this book helps kids and parents, teachers, educators, and librarians share and understand how being included every day feels amazing, even when we are a little different than the others.

If you know someone who’d love this story, 
Click THIS link to Michael’s official website page
While there, download the guide
and order your copy now!

Here's my other picture book!

If you’d like to see my debut picture book, Ho’onani: Hula Warrior, head on over to Penguin Random House.

Or, get your copy at Amazon, your local bookstore, or public library.

This story is based on a true story about a Hawaiian eleven-year-old girl who must decide if she can lead an all-male troop in the traditional hula chant. 

This story first appeared in the documentary, A Place in the Middle.

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