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Welcome to Whole Food Studio for beginners who like to create in and out of the kitchen

antique carving set on a wood board
An antique carving set on an old wood board

Are you learning how to cook from scratch and need some inspiration?

That was my story not that long ago.
Cooking is confusing, especially in the beginning when there is so much to learn at the same time.
Perhaps you’ve found a recipe for fresh ears of corn.
And peeling back the leaves, you find . . .  all this stringy silk.
Now, what!?

Or, you are half way through cooking and discover, you now need a cheese grater. Except, you don’t have one.
Now, what!?

And then some recipes say, ‘mix well.’
But, how can you tell when the ingredients are dusted in cocoa powder?

And then instructions mention a medium frypan, medium mixing bowl, medium sized onions . . .  but what does medium look like?

Now, what if you had what I wished for . . .

  • Recipes in bite-sized easy steps that makes cooking for beginners stress-free
  • Tips and tricks and what’s to love about the recipe
  • Mazes, coloring, and journaling for when your child doesn’t feel like helping or when you need a zen moment while the onions carmalize. 

Each recipe begins with a list of ingredients.
From the very start, you see what to chop or cut, grate or slice, bring to room temperature, leave in the fridge or marinate for another 8 hours.
No one likes a mid-recipe surprise,

Next is the ever- important list of equipment.
When you know you’ve got the equipment covered from the beginning, you’ll relax and hopefully, enjoy the experience.

And then there is the method.
You’ve got the ingredients and equipment sorted, now simply follow the steps.

Along the way, we add helpful tips, reminders and printable sheets.

With Easy Read information and follow-along photos, you too can cook great tasting food from scratch.

A little about me:

Head-shot of Heather Gale

I’m Heather and now live in Canada.
I have New Zealand roots, am a mom and former orthotist who also trained as a prosthetist.

Today I’m proud to also say, I’m a picture book author!

In my spare time, I’ve always loved to cook simple recipes that tasted fantastic, but those moments of cooking confusion above; they were mine.
So when I learned a little photography and how to design printables, Whole Food Studio was created.

This is my opportunity to pass along what I’ve learned from family, friends, and hours of trial and error in the kitchen.

All photos and printables, unless mentioned, are my own.

Thanks for visiting!

Heather Gale

Ho'onani: Hula Warrior picture book
My picture book!

Available at Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Penguin Random House

And here are links to a few reviews!
Publishers Weekly  A starred review
New York Times  Mentioned in Children’s Books 
New York Public Library  Listed as one of the Best Books for Kids 2019
Kirkus Reviews  “Hoʻonani deserves a place on any shelf.”
School Library Journal  “VERDICT An affirming story of a gender identity little represented in children’s literature. This book is an excellent purchase for libraries looking to expand their LGBTQ+ offerings.”
School Library Connection  “Rating: Highly Recommended”