All You Need to Know About the Smart Carb Cooker

Two types of cooked rice piles, one is seasoned, the other is plain and both sit on a strip of dried seaweed

If you're on a low-carb diet and love rice - here's a tip on what to do

If you are on a low-carbohydrate or Keto diet it is so difficult, especially when you love rice, but I’ve discovered a small kitchen appliance that changes everything!

It’s not easy reducing the number of carbs we consume because those pesky starches and sugars are in almost every meal or snack – even a healthy apple has carbohydrates!
That means, over the day, your carbohydrates soon add up.

You may want to consider trying this small kitchen appliance for yourself or give it to someone you know as a gift.
Called the Smart Carb food cooker, when you cook rice, the clever design removes carbohydrates.
This kitchen gadget is so simple that is brilliant.

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Why I love the Smart Carb cooker

The main reason is, this kitchen gadget, called the Smart Carb cooker, reduces rice carbohydrates by an astonishing 25%.

In reviews it seems, anyone who uses the Instant Pot also loves this appliance.

One reason is, the Smart Carb cooker frees up a burner for cooking other healthy stovetop dishes.

The Carb Smart cooker is a time-saver – you don’t need to stand over the pot and micro-manage the cooking process.

Here’s what you do:

  • Rinse the rice until clean and add to the pot.
  • Add water to the mark in the pot.
  • Set the rice to cook and in about 35 minutes your fluffy rice is ready.
  • Make your dish and enjoy without the extra carbs.

No burnt pots, no time spent stirring, no hassle.

I have The Breath of a Wok and not only are the recipes easy to follow, but the photography and story are amazing for inspiration.

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Rice stacked into a sushi pile is even more delicious when you know there are less carbs in each bite.

How does the Smart Carb Cooker work?

The Smart Carb Cooker is an innovative cooker that filters out carbs in rice, thanks to its unique design. 

In the traditional method, as rice boils in the water it releases carbohydrates.
Then, as the rice remains in water and continues to cook, it reabsorbs those carbs back in.

When you use the Smart Carb Cooker, simply add rinsed, clean rice to the inner pot, then add water.

As the water boils, carbs from the rice filter out just as they do in the traditional way of cooking.

But now this kitchen appliance is designed to remove that carb-loaded water and the rice continues cooking by steam, and without those carbs.

Enjoy sushi rolls with less carbs when you cook your rice in a Smart Carb cooker

While your rice steams, use the plastic steam tray to cook side items like vegetables, fish, or shellfish. 
The Smart Carb cooker is capable of cooking and steaming at the same time, so you will have an entire meal made in much less time.
You’re also saving the number of pots to clean up after.

Eating rice that has been cooked in a Smart Carb cooker reduces the starch and sugars, also n=known as carbohydrates in rice

How easy is the Smart carb cooker to use?

The Smart Carb Cooker is super-easy to use.

You simply add the amount of clean rice you need per person, add the water recommended for the rice servings, and close the lid.

Now, on the front control panel, choose either brown or white rice.
Some models will also let you also cook quick rice, sushi rice and grains such as quinoa!

You can choose between slow cook, low and high functions along with the option to use the, ‘sauté then simmer’ features.

And, if you’re not quite ready to begin the cooking process yet, you can delay the cooking time by up to 15 hours.

You can also make other dishes, such as oatmeal.

Smart Carb Cookers have a ‘keep warm’ function so food is ready when you are.

You’ll be able to cook up to 20 cups of rice if you use the larger inner pot and 12 cups if you use the carb reducing pot.

Rice growing in fields reminds us our food starts with the farmers

What comes with a Smart Carb cooker?

Here’s what you get with your Smart Carb cooker:

  • stainless-steel non-stick inner pot
  • solid locking lid
  • condensation collector
  • stainless-steel body

And handy accessories that you’ll use including, a rice spatula, steam tray, serving spoon, and measuring cup for the rice.

Rice in a sieve - it's always important to rinse your rice before you cook it, not after!
Rinse rice well before cooking!

What to do with leftover rice

Here’s what we love making with any leftover rice:

  • toss in hot sesame oil with a pinch of sea salt, fresh ground ginger and a little grated fresh garlic.
  • Once piping hot, serve in a warm bowl, garnished with slivers of fresh green onion and toasted sesame seeds.
  • Add a sweet chilli sauce on the side . . . easy and yum!
Once you’ve had a cast iron wok in your kitchen it’s hard to imagine cooking without one. A wok is versatile – we use ours for stewing, boiling, steaming, and stir-frying.

When deciding on a wok, consider how you’d prefer your handles.
This handmade cast iron wok from Etsy has 2 short handles versus the wok above which has a long and short handle.

Cast iron wok on a gas stove top is often used for deep frying food and can be replaced by a air fryer
This is our well-used wok and we're very happy with the two short handle style
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