Finding Mom a gorgeous Mother’s Day Gift she can use all year round

Mother's Day custom sou candles
Personalized soy candles
Mama and Mini sweaters for Mother's Day
Matching sweaters
A 3 tier bamboo rack of white ceramic cactus planters
Perfect for small places

Yay for Mother’s Day and to all the amazing Mom figures in our lives, you deserve this day.

In this post we’ve selected some gorgeous gift ideas Mom would love, not only for Mother’s Day but all year round.

From candles to cactus pots, bowls to vases, or blankets to sweaters, Mom can use her gift all year round.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a global marketplace, bringing unique and handcrafted pieces to customers.

Sellers have excellent customer service as they rely on repeat business and word of mouth.

If you prefer to head directly to Etsy, then CLICK HERE.

Crafted from recycled newspapers, each bowl is made in a variety of earth-tone colors and then glazed to protect it. 

Ethically sourced and 100% handmade.

Each hand-forged iron bowl is slightly different, embracing wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic that celebrates imperfection.

Irregular holes allow candlelight to cast interesting shadows on surrounding surfaces.

A unique gift;  leather-wrapped vases available in different heights and perfect for long-stemmed flowers on Mother’s Day.

Hand mom her flowers in their own vase, ready for the table.

These ceramic Japanese Ikebana-style vases include a Kenzan Flower Frog, small pins to hold your flowers or branches in place.

Available in black, brown, and blue.

A perfect all-year-round, oversized sweater handmade from Merino wool. 

Merino wool is luxuriously soft to wear and can be quickly dressed up with a scarf. 

Each hand-made ceramic bowl is unique, making it perfect as a gift for Mother’s Day.

With its minimalist look and simple lines, this bowl is ideal for soup, cereal, or serving a small side. 

Splash bowls are small handy bowls for the kitchen and something you can never have enough of. 

They are ideal as they hold 300ml of liquid yet stack up for easy storage.

These gorgeous ceramic bowls are speckled blue and handmade in Vancouver, Canada.

A warm, soft, comfortable handmade merino wool blanket is perfect for feeling cozy. 

Use as a throw in the living room, or the bedroom.

100% linen, stone-washed throws for mom make a lovely gift. 

Available in ivory or natural flax.

I hope you’ll give one of these Etsy vendors a chance as they make unique products we all enjoy!

And if you’re curious what else Etsy has to offer in the way of other interesting, handmade gifts, head on over and check it out HERE.

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