Best Linen and Copper Kitchen Gifts For Chefs Who Think They Have Everything: 2020

With more time in the kitchen lately, everyone has become a chef and it’s great to see!
With that in mind, I headed over to Etsy with one question: what would chefs, who thought they had everything, adore as a gift.
To keep this simple I chose two classic materials – linen and copper.

Birds-eye view of kitchen equipment on red and white tea towels

All things luxurious in linen

Linen, I discovered, is more popular than ever before. The colours are muted, calm and the fabric is soft.

I hope you are pleasantly surprised by what I found for your chef that also work as excellent gifts all year round.
Think handwoven linen tea towels, linen dishcloths, and stunning linen Roman shades, to list a few.

As an Etsy Influencer, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Read my full disclosure here.

Linen pinafore aprons are a huge hit in the kitchen. Easy to slip on, this style has no ties, two large, pockets in the front to hold your cell phone and jewellery while you knead, pat, and bake.
There’s no need to remember where you placed them after you’ve cleaned up.

You can’t beat the soft palette of these linen tea towels for a chef who loves being in the kitchen.
They have a loop which is so handy for hanging.

Linen placemats and runners set the mood for dining in luxury.
Runners are a great way to break up the table area and create intimacy.
And, when a chef knows the dishes will look great at the table, there’s a little more incentive to bring out the creative flair.

When you use natural unbleached linen to proof your bread while it rises, there’s less moisture during the final rise, giving your loaf a crisp, chewier crust. 
I did not know this, but it makes sense.
These are handmade, lovely, and an ideal size for making small loaves or one large one at 65cm x 82 cm, or 25.5″ x 32.” 

I had a difficult time choosing which bread proofer to use, so I took the easy way out. I decided to add them both for you to see! 
This one comes in two sizes: 26″ x 23″ or 26″ x 34.”
You can see how handy the larger one would be for making several small loaves and keeping them in shape while they rise in their own separate areas.

All-natural linen Bento bags make the perfect wrap and knot carry bags for produce. I also use them to carry a freshly baked, still hot, sourdough bread, muffins, or a cake when we’re bringing a dish to someone’s home.
One thing linen does extremely well is, neutral colours. These tea towels would look amazing in any kitchen, no matter the colour scheme. Perfect as a hostess gift.
How about using linen dishcloths for a change! I totally love this idea. And they’re fine enough to get inside glasses to dry them.
This is a perfect hostess gift idea. Bake a loaf of bread and pop it into a linen bread bag. Reuse your organic linen bag as a general produce or kitchen bag after.
Linen tablecloths give an air of casual elegance. Why not change up your dining experience one night during the week.
I love the soft look of these luxurious linen Roman shades so much, I had to include them on the list.
Linen tea towels that pop with colour will have you wanting more than just one.

This could be just what your chef had never realized they needed – handmade linen tea towels!

More of my favourite kitchen items

If you’re looking for something other than linen or copper, I have a list of my favourite items I add to my blog posts.

From Etsy, I took four hobbies that dads like to do and curated a list for each of these:

  • Dads who love to joke
  • Dads who love to cook
  • Dads who love arts and crafts
  • Dads who love the unique. 

    All curated gifts for your dad, stepdad, or father-figure that are easy to personalize any time of the year, including Father’s Day.

All things cute in copper

It was definitely much harder to find as many copper items as I did for linens.
However, what I found make excellent kitchen gifts for a chef.

I thought I’d start off with the kitchen sink. If you’ve never considered a copper sink before, this idea is stunning!
This got my attention. Imagine starting your day scooping coffee out with a handmade copper spoon! I would so love this as making that first-morning cup of coffee is a bit of a ritual we all look forward to.

Celebrate your iron anniversary with a hand-forged iron and copper bottle opener, or have a substantial bottle opener handy for your next barbeque.

Every cook needs a solid cookbook holder and this copper holder with a soft felt sling is ideal.

Much like the book stand above, this copper trivet stand is definitely unusual and adds a pop of colour in the kitchen.

As you can see, there are a lot of elegant, unusual, and interesting gift ideas in just linen and copper alone.

Etsy supports small businesses which makes it easy for me to want to support them too.

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