Your Awesome Beginners Guide to Burning Body Fat

Ever crave chocolate around 3 o’clock in the afternoon? I know I sure do! That craving is a signal that your body needs more fuel in its tank, and by fuel, I mean glucose. The quickest shot of glucose comes from sugar (which is why you thought of something sweet). But, what your body really […]

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Vegan or Vegetarian . . . What’s the Difference?

I love this question because the differences are both huge and small. For example, do you sprinkle parmesan cheese over your vegetarian pasta dish? Or, do you refuse to eat or use any part of an animal or insect, including what it produces, such as bee pollen and honey. Both vegan and vegetarian lifestyles are a […]

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Let’s Celebrate Dairy Month with a Deconstructed Cheese Omelette!

It happens all the time . . .  end pieces of cheese are carefully wrapped up and refrigerated for the next time someone feels like a snack. Except, we tend to forget our leftovers and instead, grab a fresh unopened cheese. Here’s a trick to reduce waste. Next time you grab butter, eggs, milk, and […]

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11 Good Reasons Why You Should Read Food Nutrition Labels

  Unless you live off the land, you’re probably grocery shopping at a supermarket. Next time you’re there, take a moment to study the floor plan. Have you ever noticed how fresh produce – fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy – are located along the outer walls? And our staples – beans, flour, rice, and spices – […]

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Tips to design a salad dressing you’ll love 4ever

 Enjoy the journey and make your taste buds happy!    Balancing the blend of an oil with citrus juice is hard to explain because there are so many variables, such as how juicy your lemon is, how tart or sweet that orange is, how dry that lime is, and then, which oil you’ll use.   […]

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Why I started this blog and a versatile marinated carrot salad

Hi, and welcome! I’m so pleased you’re here. You may be wondering why I’m blogging, especially when there are many other fabulous foodies to follow and learn from. I’d always cooked for my family but never thought too hard or deep about why a meal came together or how to make a recipe healthier. When I […]

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