close view of a mushroom gills and stem

Gluten-free Herb Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Are you ready to try one of my favourite side dish recipes? These bread-less portobello mushrooms are packed with fresh flavours because each delicious bite is gluten-free, low carb and spectacular. That’s right, you don’t use any bread! Portobello mushrooms are the perfect side dish filled with nothing else but lightly cooked fresh herbs, onion, […]

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zucchini sliders baked

How to Get the Most Out of Your Zucchini With this Tasty Slider Recipe

While zucchinis are in season, why not try something different  – quick and easy vegetarian mini burgers without the bun!Not only are these zucchini sliders cute to look at, but they taste delicious, are healthy, and easier to make than peeling potatoes. Share this on Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share […]

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close up of baked zucchini slices

3 tips, 3 secrets and an extra 3 recipes to make your panko parmesan zucchini slices even tastier the next day

When you first see a seasonal vegetable, do you feel like creating a completely new and totally different dish? Right now zucchinis are in season and are always on my wish list. So after putting this recipe through several variations of spices, herbs and cheeses, we have a tried-and-tested triple winner to share! Not only does the […]

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Sliced peaches standing upright smothered in lemon yoghurt sauce and fresh chopped mint

How one simple sauce can give your ripe peaches a whole new taste

With walnuts and yoghurt, lemon zest and pomegranate molasses, this infusion of sweet mouth-watering tangy flavours use walnuts to give this sauce its earthy depth and texture. I created this marinade, sauce-infusion quite by accident and so far it’s a winner! That’s right, silly as it sounds, this combination was so drop-dead delicious over fresh […]

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One close up of a banana walnut muffin with others in the background

How you can make and pack delicious heart-healthy, low-crumble muffins in less than an hour

Today’s post is from Patti at Cooks Recipe Collection, where you can find her latest recipes and cooking tips. She shares some great from-scratch recipes often with a healthy twist. I’ve always considered banana bread to be comfort food and the smell of it cooking is both amazing and homey. This Healthy Banana Nut Muffin […]

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parsnip, celery onion garlic in a slow cooker

How to make the easy slow cooker your personal chef and best friend

You’ve no doubt heard how easy slow cookers are to use, but did you know they can also be your personal chef? And your best friend!However, there are so many makes and models with extra bells and whistles that sometimes choosing the right one is frustrating. Especially if all you have is one simple requirement […]

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