parsnip, celery onion garlic in a slow cooker

How to make the easy slow cooker your personal chef and best friend

You’ve no doubt heard how easy slow cookers are to use, but did you know they can also be your personal chef? And your best friend!However, there are so many makes and models with extra bells and whistles that sometimes choosing the right one is frustrating. Especially if all you have is one simple requirement […]

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How to make the easiest, most delicious, healthy homemade granola you can’t say no to

Inside you’ll learn: ~ why healthy homemade granola is a ‘must-have’ in our family ~ the brief, yet intriguing history of breakfast cereal ~ and a recipe on how to make your own deliciousness . . . with step-by-step photos and instructions.   As a kid, my granola came with some personal rules. It had […]

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Messy chocolate birds nest cookies stacked for serving

How to make delicious, messy, heart-healthy chocolate bird nests, just for fun

Gasp! Have you noticed how one glimpse over a batch of messy cookies cooling on a tray can tug at your heartstrings?   These cookies are rough and rugged, yet exquisite and refined. Pack them with heart-healthy ingredients and you’ve also hidden some extra protein and fibre. Then, with a  quick and easy twist at […]

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Chopped herbs on two metal spoons laying on a wood board

Never Use The Wrong Herb Again With This Best-kept Secret –  There Are Only Two Types!

Why knowing the difference between herbs matters Imagine, living on an island sans your cookbook . . . You have three herbs: dill, rosemary, and sage, and your friends are coming over. You caught a snapper and need a sensational sauce.Your neighbours dug up a small rucksack of Adirondack Blue potatoes and gave you a basket […]

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Fruit and nut energy bars leaning against each other

How To Make This Year’s Golf Season The Healthiest With Your Own Low Sugar, High Fibre, Mouth-watering Protein Bars

As spring inches closer, it’s time to plan your attack on snacks.  Here’s the golf scenario . . . As you pull into the parking lot everything feels familiar. The buzz of excitement, the smell of spring, the birds, and best of all – the sunshine.   Then halfway around your round, it’s time for […]

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maple syrup running over a stack of pancakes

If You Eat Alone And Are Gaining Weight, This 1 Quick Tip Makes a Big Difference:  Meal Plans

Eating on Your Own is Hard Work! Let’s face it, at the end of a long, hard day, is there anyone who sings with joy when grabbing half a red cabbage, the last two sprouting radishes, a lonely carrot, and a tough brussel sprout from the fridge, for one?   This post contains affiliate links […]

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