nuts, crackers and olives on a wood board

Planning a last-minute easy Academy Awards party you can rinse-and-repeat, and no one will forget it!

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, I thought for fun, if you had a FREE party planner and checklist it would help you plan your own last-minute, keep-it-simple-and-easy Movie Awards party that no one will forget! Imagine your guests coming in from the cold, kicking off their winter boots, unwinding scarves, pulling off […]

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DIY microgreens

How To Grow One Of The Top Superfoods, Microgreens, And Make Them An Easy Part Of Your Diet

What are micro-greens? Micro-greens have been around since the 1980s but only when we discovered their nutritional value and labelled them ‘superfood,’ did these young, tender plants become popular. Suddenly everyone wanted a healthy boost from micro-greens and they were added to salads, smoothies, and garnishes. Today micro-greens are easily found everywhere from supermarkets to […]

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Multi-coloured eggs in a carton

How to Discover Your Potential . . . and a versatile egg-white omelette recipe to help celebrate!

We all think about our dreams and aspirations, but have you ever stopped to consider your potential in the kitchen? Your potential is often found in small steps and knowing yours is powerful because you get the chance to see what you are capable of! Believing in your potential helps develop self-confidence. And with self-confidence, […]

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Coffee beans

10 Best Caffeine Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day

Ahhh . . . nothing quite beats the aroma and taste of that first sip of hot coffee in the morning. But have you ever asked yourself whether drinking a cup each day is actually good for you? 54% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. When asked why, Americans either love the taste, […]

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Two easy muscle massage oil recipes for pain relief

How To Make 2 Simple Pain Relief Massage Oils With 2 Kitchen Ingredients Everyone Has

You may be wondering why a food blog has two massage oil recipes but these base ingredients are in everyone’s kitchen . . . black peppercorns and oil – perfect for muscle pain relief! Here are some interesting facts about Piper nigrum and then the recipes are just below.   Did you know . . . […]

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Four peppers on spoons

What Colour Are Your Peppercorns . . . and how to make your own spicy popcorn with one secret ingredient!

Have you ever wondered if black pepper is in every kitchen in the world? Or;  if most recipes call for black pepper, which peppercorn could you try for a change, the green, red, or white peppercorn? Everyone knows in a split second what a black peppercorn looks, smells, and tastes like. The black peppercorn has […]

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