Are you wondering how to even begin hosting brunch?

Brunch menu and done-for-you invitation

Or are you looking for ideas your family can do together?

Perhaps you need a home school project that builds teamwork, menu planning, and kitchen confidence?

We’ve designed Brunch with a Crunch for everyone wanting to host brunch for family or friends and just need some easy steps to follow.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to host brunch, including our family granola recipe that is not available anywhere else.

You'll discover it's easy and fun for everyone

 If you’re a beginner in the kitchen, we’ll show you how to pull together a special occasion brunch from the very start.

And if you already know what to do, but want to show your kids the steps in a clear, simple way, we’ll show you how.

With so many different mini-tasks, you can have 2, 4, 6, even 8, kids join in. 
They could choose their favorite part of the project or let them take on the whole day!

And not every kid has the same likes so we have lots of choices.

This way, everyone has the chance to feel they belong on the team.

Napkin ring of yellow, blue and green on a white woven place mat
A large plate of fresh fruit, homemade granola, and daisies in a vase
Using mini-mason jars for brunch

Best for ages 3 - 103 years!

With follow-along steps showing you everything, even how to choose napkin rings, planning brunch can be your next family project.

You'll get:

our healthy recipe,

with helpful tips along the way.

Ingredients for granola

lots of activities,

that make brunch fun for everyone.

A sampling of 4 activities included

and lists,

keeping you on time and organized.

A sampling of 4 lists available

The granola recipe is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, low in sugar, high in fiber, and delicious for brunch or a snack.

I've been stuck . . .

How to make your own napkin rings

After offering to host brunch,  I’ve raced to the kitchen . . . 
glanced at the fruit bowl, yanked open cupboards and drawers, and swallowed a hard lump in my throat.


I had absolutely no idea where to begin and one week to figure it all out.

and I've wondered how to juggle it all . . .

Dinosaur playing soccer and elephant with flowers

Kids don’t always want to help in the kitchen.

Instead, they prefer being busy with their hands and feet.

 But what if you want to show them how to host a special party.

And, like learning how to sew on a button, having family or friends over is an important life skill.

Then I figured out how to fix both problems.

Imagine sitting down for brunch with family or friends to the ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s from your guests.

You’re about to see how easy it is to host brunch in 7 steps.

A large plate of fresh fruit, homemade granola, and daisies in a vase

Here's how your Brunch with a Crunch unfolds with easy steps:

A snapshot of Days 1-7 of the course

Day 1: Print and organize your binder so everything is easy to find.
Deliver menu sheets and invitations to your guests.
And there’s a reminder to check you have bananas for your recipe.

Day 2: Choose your napkins, napkin rings, and placemats for that festive brunch feeling. 
Don’t have napkin rings? No problem –  we have a fun hack for you!
You’ll also decide on your music playlist.

Day 3: Today you’ll choose the fun pieces for your table – will it be flowers, a fruit platter, or why not a surprise art center?
(We give you the activities)

Day 4: With the menu sheets back from your guests use our grocery list and go shopping.

Day 5: Bake our family’s healthy banana granola today.

Day 6: Set everything up for the following morning before you hang your ‘kitchen closed’ sign.


Day 7: Use our handy last-minute checklist and you’ve got this!

Family portrait

Perfect for
aunties, uncles,
and parents, wanting
memories with a family brunch.


Save time with our DFY kid-friendly, adult-challenging, activities:

  • Guest invitations
  • Grocery list
  • Coloring pages
  • Word activities
  • Mazes
Extra sheets to help you make brunch a success

A sneak preview of what's covered:

And, we'll help you surprise your kids after!

This is one of my favorite pieces in Brunch with a Crunch.

Adults get the chance to give thanks and acknowledge everyone’s hard work with a certificate.

As easy as that – print and add their name!


It takes time to create a special brunch, and when kids get the chance to practice, they gain confidence each time.
As well, each  day takes between 1-2 hours which makes this ideal for home school too.

Great question! This recipe is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
It’s also perfect for anyone looking for a high-fibre, less-processed sugar recipe.

Absolutely! If all you want to do is make the recipe and set the table, then your brunch will still be delicious!

That would be amazing and thank you as I would appreciate anything you share!

While we can’t refund you the cost of burnt granola, we love our course so much, and it’s been tested many times, but we also value happy customers. 
If you’re disappointed in any way, please pop us a note via email with your details.

What others say:

Well laid out and easy to follow. The granola recipe is delicious as well!
Thanks, Heather! 


Granola beside a bowl of fruit

What a great idea, keeping kids busy on every page!


Sign me up - I love brunches!

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