DIY Speculaas spice mix on a teaspoon in a white bowl is used in many baking recipes

Speculaas Spice Mix

How to make your own Speculaas spice mix originates in Holland and is added to many baking recipes. Made using a fine blend of slices, the aroma is rich, warm ,and inviting which makes it fun to make and even harder to put the jar back in the pantry.  The best part is, it’s so […]

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Cookies on a china plate

Chocolate Double Oat Cookies

These soft cookies use up forgotten dried fruit, are refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and yolk-free and taste amazing! Ideal for brunch, snacks, and a quick afternoon pick-up. Why I love this recipe Chocolate Double Oat Cookies stacked to look like an Inukshuk There are many reasons to love these cookies!  First, the sugar comes from dried […]

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Shortbread and gingerbread cookies set out in the shape of a tree

How to Host The Easiest Cookie-Swap Party

Why Planning Ahead Matters Have you ever wanted to host a cookie-swap and discovered you don’t know where to even begin?For first-timers, the logistics are scary. Let’s take a breath and crunch those numbers. 10 – 20 people making 6 dozen cookies is the equivalent to somewhere between 720 and 1500 cookies . .  That’s […]

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Stacked walnut chocolate cookies on two white and blue plates

Your Essential Gift Guide for Bakers Who Also Like to Cook

If you are shopping this holiday season for someone who loves to bake and cook then these gift ideas are practical, whimsical and, I hope, inspirational. Now, more than ever, gadgets make working in the kitchen easier and a whole lot more fun. Perhaps you know someone in your family who gets together with friends on a […]

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4 Walnut chocolate chip cookies stacked on a white plate

Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These walnut and chocolate chunk cookies are incredibly delicious! The first time I made these I fell in love with walnutsand I hope you do too. Why You Need More Walnuts in Your Diet A lot of people find walnuts taste slightly bitter and I’d been reading how, as a society, we now crave sweetness in […]

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Torte slice on a plate birds eye view

Chocolate and Walnut Cardamom Torte

It’s time to confess  . . . this chocolate walnut cardamom torte is so deliciously-moist there’s never enough time in our household to ice it!So, if you don’t like overly-sweet cakes, this recipe is sensational.Quick and easy to make, this torte has the most perfect amount of dark chocolate and nuts with a hint of […]

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