A refreshing Lemon Spritzer mocktail in a recycled glass

Lemon Herb Spritzer

If you are craving a refreshing, festive drink with hints of fresh herbs, the zing of lemon and spicy pop of ginger this mocktail is worth making!Fresh lemon is bright and fruity which pairs perfectly with the earthiness of basil and thyme and warmth of freshly grated ginger.  One sip and you could have a […]

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Sparkling Paloma cocktail ready to be served - cheers to one of Mexico's national drink

Sparkling Paloma Cocktails

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or you’d like to celebrate an occasion it can be hard to find the right cocktail for your guests. And, I love finding a drink that is easily turned into a mocktail and looks just as fantastic. Because cocktails and mocktails aren’t an every day event, they remind us […]

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