Monarch on a echinacea flower in a garden

Herb garden tricks: what to grow, when to harvest, how to preserve

It’s that time again . .  . you remember how your garden looked late last summer and then you lift the mulch and see just how long winter has been for your plants.  They may look a little less robust than you recall, like my oregano above, but hopefully you’ve discovered a lot of new […]

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my mom's out door garden

4 easy-to-grow herbs for your everyday kitchen recipes

Fresh herbs are a great way to bring a pop of flavour to your dishes. Yet herbs are expensive to buy at the grocery store and aren’t always in season. You could use dried herbs, but many of them lose their essential oils and don’t deliver that same WOW punch. Fortunately, you can enjoy fresh […]

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DIY microgreens

How To Grow One Of The Top Superfoods, Microgreens, And Make Them An Easy Part Of Your Diet

What are micro-greens? Micro-greens have been around since the 1980s but recently these tender leaves have exploded in popularity.Today you can find micro-greens everywhere from supermarkets to restaurant menus, and usually with the salads.This got me wondering if the Harvard T.H. Chan, School of Public Health see micro-greens as  ‘superfood’ then how hard is it to grow […]

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