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Kitchen Appliance Ideas and a Smoothie Recipe surrounded by pink and orange polka dots o

Learn Which 4 Kitchen Gadgets You Can Quickly Update For a Fresh Look

Are you wondering which kitchen gadgets you can easily update for a fresh new kitchen look? Sometimes, all your kitchen needs is a small appliance revamp instead of extensive renovations. And, technology changes so fast with gadgets doing more now than ever before, that this can be a fun project. In this post, we’ll explore […]

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A 3 tier bamboo rack of white ceramic cactus planters

Finding Mom a gorgeous Mother’s Day Gift she can use all year round

Personalized soy candles Matching sweaters Perfect for small places Yay for Mother’s Day and to all the amazing Mom figures in our lives, you deserve this day. In this post we’ve selected some gorgeous gift ideas Mom would love, not only for Mother’s Day but all year round. From candles to cactus pots, bowls to […]

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5 reasons to love a food vacuum sealer poster wiht vacuum packed meat, fish and vegetables

Everything You Need to Know About Food Vacuum Sealers and the Oliso

Until you’ve experienced what a small appliance can do, it’s often hard to know whether you actually need one or not. And if you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth owning a¬†household food vacuum sealer, then carry on reading! I love it that food vacuum sealers have two amazing reasons to belong in your kitchen! They’re […]

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Catch a kitchen deal using Prime Day at Amazon

Amazon Prime Day – The Once a Year Sale

What is Prime Day? Prime Day is a HUGE online shopping event that is even bigger than Black Friday for deals. This year, Amazon starts their annual Prime Day for shoppers on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, at 12 A.M. Pacific time, and it continues for the next 48 hours. Can anyone shop on Prime Day? […]

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Halloween front door wreath with a ghost is a great way to start your Halloween decorations - from the front door!

11 Best Ways to Have a Not-So-Scary Halloween

For Halloween this year I wanted to find fun home ideas that are less scary.And what better way than to start decorating Halloween right at your front door with something cute! I love this adorable not-so-scary ghost wreath¬†because you have so many choices!Choose from two sizes (mini and regular), seven different ghost faces, and a […]

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Two types of cooked rice piles, one is seasoned, the other is plain and both sit on a strip of dried seaweed

All You Need to Know About the Smart Carb Cooker

If you’re on a low-carb diet and love rice – here’s a tip on what to do If you are on a low-carbohydrate or Keto diet it is so difficult, especially when you love rice, but I’ve discovered a small kitchen appliance that changes everything! It’s not easy reducing the number of carbs we consume […]

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