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The cover for the picture book, I Belong: Can I Play? written by Heather Gale is a story about Michael Jacques and how it feels to be autistic and excluded until he discovers Special Olympics

A Picture Book on Autism And Belonging

Sometimes, what’s going on outside the kitchen matters more Yes, this is supposed to be about food and kitchen appliances, but writing a picture book then realizing it launches this week is the too-good-to-not-share kind of news!  My latest picture book is about Michael Jacques who has autism and an intellectual disability. https://youtu.be/nmiEJ8iBB_E It’s been […]

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Cast iron wok on a gas stove top is often used for deep frying food and can be replaced by a air fryer

Everything You Need to Know About Air Fryers

How, what, and why, you need an air fryer Are you tired of oil spattering over your stovetop and counters each time you fry something? When I realized each time one of us cooks, we’re doing the soapy-hot water wipe down afterwards, so I looked into what an air fryer actually does and why we […]

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Birds-eye view of kitchen equipment on red and white tea towels

Best Linen and Copper Kitchen Gifts For Chefs Who Think They Have Everything: 2020

With more time in the kitchen lately, everyone has become a chef and it’s great to see! With that in mind, I headed over to Etsy with one question: what would chefs, who thought they had everything, adore as a gift. To keep this simple I chose two classic materials – linen and copper. All […]

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How To Find The Best Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day coming up soon, now is the best time to consider how you would like to show your appreciation to your dad, stepdad, or father figure. This day is dedicated to celebrating your dad and show him what he means to you.And, because of our recent self-isolation and social distancing, Father’s Day this […]

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Stacked walnut chocolate cookies on two white and blue plates

Your Essential Gift Guide for Bakers Who Also Like to Cook

If you are shopping this holiday season for someone who loves to bake and cook then these gift ideas are practical, whimsical and, I hope, inspirational. Now, more than ever, gadgets make working in the kitchen easier and a whole lot more fun. Perhaps you know someone in your family who gets together with friends on a […]

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