Monarch on a echinacea flower in a garden

Herb garden tricks: what to grow, when to harvest, how to preserve

It’s that time again . .  . you remember how your garden looked late last summer and then you lift the mulch and see just how long winter has been for your plants.  They may look a little less robust than you recall, like my oregano above, but hopefully you’ve discovered a lot of new […]

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Cookies on a china plate

Chocolate Double Oat Cookies

These soft cookies use up forgotten dried fruit, are refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and yolk-free and taste amazing! Ideal for brunch, snacks, and a quick afternoon pick-up. Why I love this recipe Chocolate Double Oat Cookies stacked to look like an Inukshuk There are many reasons to love these cookies!  First, the sugar comes from dried […]

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Shortbread and gingerbread cookies set out in the shape of a tree

How to Host The Easiest Cookie-Swap Party

Why Planning Ahead Matters Have you ever wanted to host a cookie-swap and discovered you don’t know where to even begin?For first-timers, the logistics are scary. Let’s take a breath and crunch those numbers. 10 – 20 people making 6 dozen cookies is the equivalent to somewhere between 720 and 1500 cookies . .  That’s […]

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single mint truffle on a china tea cup with a mint leaf

The best dark chocolate peppermint truffles and how to make your own Victorian story

History of the chocolate truffle Did you know the word truffles has nothing at all to do with chocolate!? Originally, the name came from the Latin term tuber, which means, “lump.” Over time ‘tuber’ became known as ‘tufer.’ Today these exquisite, bite-sized morsels are named after the delicious, highly-prized edible fungus, truffles, found growing under […]

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Johanna Basford's colouring

Family activities you can do at home while you wait out Coronavirus

With Coronavirus so prominent in the news it can be difficult to stay calm and grounded. One way to find peace in troubling times is with meditation or a mindfulness technique. If this sounds like such a foreign concept to you, it may come as a surprise to learn, as a kid, you more than […]

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My Comic Book Cover

Staying Calm And Busy Through Coronavirus Panic: Amazing At-Home Activity Ideas To Get You Started Today

Cover in this Coronavirus freebie What we can do for ourselves and families As the coronavirus, COVID-19, makes its way across nations and around the world, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to remain calm and not panic. Many of us must stay in our homes to help slow the virus from spreading which is not […]

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