Banana orange oatmeal muffins served

Banana Orange Oatmeal Muffins

This healthy muffin recipe is low in sugar, high in fibre, and use no oil! Flavours burst through with orange zest while the applesauce ensures each bite is moist. Perfect as an easy lunch box snack. 3 reasons why I love these muffins Because we use the zest of a whole large orange the citrus flavours are […]

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DIY Bisquick Mix, an easy blend of flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and butter is a quick way to make many other recipes

Homemade Bisquick Mix

What is homemade Bisquick Mix? Homemade Bisquick Mix is a smart kitchen hack or shortcut that combines pre-measured basic kitchen ingredients. They are mixed together and stored, ready for popular baking recipes such as pancakes and waffles.  3 reasons why I love making my own You know all of the ingredients. You can adjust or […]

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Doing a taste-test on a donut

Artisan Sourdough and Ricotta Spiced Donuts

Why making homemade donuts is healthier Hands up, who doesn’t love two-bite donuts made from scratch that taste amazing and are far healthier than store-bought!?Using a blend of seven spices, ricotta cheese, and sourdough you’ll have extra-special, soft, donuts made in no time at home, and you don’t need a donut pan. These small, soft […]

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curry, cheese and pecan sourdough crackers on a blue glass plate on a wood table o

Cheese and Pecan, Curry Infused Sourdough Crackers

Cheese and pecan, curry infused sourdough crackers If crackers are one of your favourite snack foods, this recipe is quick and easy to make. These delicious homemade bite-sized sourdough crackers taste delicious with the combination of cheese and spices while pecans add texture,  boost the nutritional value, and make them look great on a platter. […]

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Keto pizza close up garnished with fresh oregano and on a white marble slab

Easy Vegetarian Keto Pizza

How to make a vegetarian keto pizza This delicious and guilt-free vegetarian pizza has a soft crust made using egg, cheese, and cream cheese. Add your favourite herbs and a dash of garlic powder then bake the crust until it becomes light and pillowy. Topped off with a spicy sauce, two types of cheeses, extra […]

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Four peppers on spoons

What Colour Are Your Peppercorns . . . and how to make your own spicy popcorn with one secret ingredient!

Have you ever wondered if black pepper is in every kitchen in the world? Or;  if most recipes call for black pepper, which peppercorn could you try for a change, the green, red, or white peppercorn? Everyone knows in a split second what a black peppercorn looks, smells, and tastes like. The black peppercorn has […]

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