Quick and easy with minimal ingredients

Fennel and blood orange salad with herbs

Orange and Fennel Salad

Recipe notes This salad is delicious all year round!  It has the components I adore – the sweet crunch of fennel slices, the juicy tang of orange, and the spice of a fresh herb whether that’s parsley or cilantro.And then there are the colours! Orange and fennel is the ultimate combination of freshness.Because these two […]

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A variety of mushrooms dehydrated on a wood board

How you can dehydrate mushrooms at home, and what to do with them after

Things happen, plans change and suddenly you’ve forgotten about those fancy mushrooms you’d bought three days ago. When you finally find your mushrooms squished to the back of the fridge and peer inside the bag . . . Some mushrooms are droopy, some are shrivelled, and some are looking just fine. Except, now there’s not enough […]

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Chopped herbs on two metal spoons laying on a wood board

Never Use The Wrong Herb Again With This Best-kept Secret –  There Are Only Two Types!

Why knowing the difference between herbs matters Imagine, living on an island sans your cookbook . . . You have three herbs: dill, rosemary, and sage, and your friends are coming over. You caught a snapper and need a sensational sauce.Your neighbours dug up a small rucksack of Adirondack Blue potatoes and gave you a basket […]

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maple syrup running over a stack of pancakes

If You Eat Alone And Are Gaining Weight, This 1 Quick Tip Makes a Big Difference:  Meal Plans

Eating on Your Own is Hard Work! Let’s face it, at the end of a long, hard day, is there anyone who sings with joy when grabbing half a red cabbage, the last two sprouting radishes, a lonely carrot, and a tough brussel sprout from the fridge, for one?   This post contains affiliate links […]

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Multi-coloured eggs in a carton

How to Discover Your Potential . . . and a versatile egg-white omelette recipe to help celebrate!

We all think about our dreams and aspirations, but have you ever stopped to consider your potential in the kitchen? Your potential is often found in small steps and knowing yours is powerful because you get the chance to see what you are capable of! Believing in your potential helps develop self-confidence. And with self-confidence, […]

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Two easy muscle massage oil recipes for pain relief

How To Make 2 Simple Pain Relief Massage Oils With 2 Kitchen Ingredients Everyone Has

You may be wondering why a food blog has two massage oil recipes but these base ingredients are in everyone’s kitchen . . . black peppercorns and oil – perfect for muscle pain relief! Here are some interesting facts about Piper nigrum and then the recipes are just below.   Did you know . . . […]

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