Family activities you can do at home while you wait out Coronavirus

With Coronavirus so prominent in the news it can be difficult to stay calm and grounded.
One way to find peace in troubling times is with meditation or a mindfulness technique.
If this sounds like such a foreign concept to you, it may come as a surprise to learn, as a kid, you more than likely did this all the time!

two mandala halves
Half of two mandalas

Colouring is one of those totally mindfulness activities that is easy to do and a whole lot of fun. When we engage our hands in an activity, the brain must focus on that one thing.  
Not only do you gain time out and a chance to de-stress, but you have the perfect excuse to try out a child-like activity and test for yourself just how quickly your brain switches gears.

Halves of two mandala patterns
Half of two mandalas

According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation can play a huge role in helping you to maintain your mental and emotional health, even benefiting aspects of your physical health.
Here’s what meditation can do for you.

  • Greater outlook on life (positivity)
  • Increased feelings of calmness
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Reduced levels of anxiety and stress.
  • Improved focus
Two halves of mandalas
Half of two mandalas

A family activity you can do with this project

  • Print your favourite mandala design – framed or unframed.
  • Depending on the pencils you already have, pick one colour only and see how many shades you can create by using just hand pressure.
  • Set the timer and agree to meet for snacks with your coloured in pages.

Don’t love mandalas?
No problem, we have other illustrations for you too.

three sketches of medieval stone homes
Half of three stone village homes

Looking for a kid-friendly educational component with colouring instead?

This was a super fun project I made a while ago and it never found the right home, but today I  think it belongs in this post as well.

Sign up below and you’ll get 18 pages to colour in with prompts for questions, like the example below.

Cover page of What's Inside Your . . .? An interactive picture guide to whole food.
page 3 of the book asking questions about food

If you love colouring books, then I recommend these!

You do not pay more by clicking on these links but if you make a purchase, it helps me to support my blog. 
Thank you!

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I couldn’t resist recommending two from Johanna Basford because of the details.
If you get a chance to grab one of her books, I hope you’ll be thrilled.

This is a box of daily colouring projects I grabbed one Christmas.

Johanna Basford's colouring

Wondering what else you could do with your family?

In my previous post I talk about another fun activity – how to make a comic book from scratch! 
The download walks you through how to develop a story and you get templates to comic pages with illustrations for inspiration.

There’s also an idea how you could use this with everyone and make it a fun exercise.

You can grab the link to that post HERE.

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