Welcome to Whole Food Studio for beginner cooks.


From apples to zucchini and anise to zahtar, please join me to re-discover the basics of cooking.

We’ll take our knife skills to the chopping board, and pots and pans to the stove. We’ll blend, stir, and whisk; saute’, sear, and simmer, one easy recipe at a time.

With minimal ingredients let’s find the maximum flavour and create less food waste.

From fridge to table . . .

I’ll share the steps everyone needs to create an easy, satisfying dish. Then, step-by-step, show you how to combine these simple recipes and plan a complete meal.

We’ll go back to basics and see how combining simple, fresh ingredients takes food to deliciousness.

Here, you’ll learn the difference between boil and simmer, dice and slice, and know when to taste, and why.

And, you’ll discover which knives are a must, why you don’t need a garlic crusher or when to use a glass mixing bowl instead of a metal one.

Plus, there’s no getting around it, cooking creates a fridge brimming with leftovers. From half a pack of fresh herbs to a bowl of steamed broccoli. With a dehydrator and slow cooker, we’ll explore recycling to reduce food waste. Imagine dehydrated crunchy spiced cauliflower florets sprinkled on your salad instead of croutons!

And forget about cooking with water – food tastes so much better when simmered in your own homemade stock.

Then, just for the geek of it, I’ll add fun or quirky facts learned while researching for each blog, should you ever need a conversation starter.

And finally, I’ll add activities such as journaling, coloring, or making a foldable book for that next story idea.

Designed for the creative kid inside all of us.