How To Find The Best Father’s Day Gift

How to Find the Best Father's Day Gift - Whole Food Studio: Do you need to find an extra-special gift for Father's Day? We list 4 hobbies dad's love to do then we found ideas you can easily customize

With Father’s Day coming up soon, now is the best time to consider how you would like to show your appreciation to your dad, stepdad, or father figure.

This day is dedicated to celebrating your dad and show him what he means to you.
And, because of our recent self-isolation and social distancing, Father’s Day this year will feel extra meaningful for families around the world.

For this list, I’ve chosen four different dad hobbies and curated three ideas for each one.
These gift ideas allow you to add a personal touch and show that you love, care, and am thinking of your dad, your stepdad on his very special day.

I hope these will inspire you to find something extra special this year for your extra special dad or stepdad.

Father and daughter on a dock

The dads I chose for this list include:

  • dads who love to cook
  • dads who love a joke
  • dads who love crafts
  • dads who love an unusual gift.

Don’t wait too long as you’ll need to consider shipping times and the fact many more people are shopping online this year. 

Let’s see what I thought would make awesome Father’s Day gifts from Etsy this year.

Son on Dad's shoulders

As an Etsy Influencer, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Read my full disclosure here.

For dads who love to cook

This chopping board is stunning.
You can choose from Hickory, Hard Maple, Mahogany (shown) and White Oak.

While there, I recommended you pick up the butchers cutting board conditioner.
It’s a natural, food-safe wood preserver and works better than soaking your board in olive oil overnight.
You won’t get a sticky residue.

This is a wonderful together idea for Father’s Day!
Matching aprons are so much fun and inspirational for everyone.
You might even be using these every weekend!

Imagine wandering over to the barbeque and finding your name on the wall with the space dedicated to you!
Kids will love watching their dad receive a surprise gift this year, so don’t forget to have the camera rolling.

For dad’s who love pizza and a joke, this soft flannel blanket is round, just like a pizza! You’d get a lot of miles from this gift.

For dads who love a joke

I’ve picked three that I hope will make every dad happy because finding humour in the small things matters day-to-day is a lot of fun.
These gifts are also great after Fathers Day so you are not wasting your money.

This tee reminded me of my own dad getting ready to tell a joke.
Have you noticed there is always that pause before a joke –  and that’s when you all know one is on its way?
This tee shirt says it all.

This is so much fun!
Imagine getting personalized socks with your smiling face on them.
Perhaps to celebrate, everyone can wear your smile on their feet.

This idea is cute!
These Dadvil sugar pills will help every dad get through the day.
To make it even funnier, include these with another gift or perhaps, add the gift to dad’s brunch!

For dads who love crafts

Any gift that has been created with time and patience is always a joy to give and to receive. 

Imagine getting a personalized leather tray for Father’s Day!
These are great for keeping small items together on a coffee table or in a drawer.
And each time you pick up your keys or a golf tee, you’re reminded you are special every day. 

There’s always something special when you know your kids spend time together making your gift the best they can.
This art would be treasured for many, many years.
(I know as I’ve kept several hand-painted wood projects.)

If you are not into painting but still feel creative, you could spend some quiet time going through photos and let your child choose the best ones.

You’ll need enough photos to fit into the word DAD.
Depending on the size this could be anything from 26 – 80 photos.
This gift will take a little extra planning as you also need:

  •  a frame because this is a printable poster. 
  • a printer, preferably with colour ink.
  • paper that fits the frame.

Note: Maximum sized artwork is 24″x 36″ 

Personally, I think the time and effort is worth it.
And, you can even use this after Fathers Day for other events. 
You’ll see someone has made a collage in the shape of a dog, they’ve filled in numbers for a celebration, filled in a heart, and even made a family tree. 

For dads who love something unusual

When I saw this wood and steel watch I was impressed – it’s gorgeous! 
Here’s what you get:

  • Premium Indonesian Blackwood
  • Precise Japanese quartz movement
  • Hardened crystal glass
  • Luminous dials for night time
  • Extra links in a box for fine adjustments
  • Personalized engraving on the back

On his special day why not serve dad homemade granola and fresh fruit topped off with yoghurt in his very own ceramic bowl? 
This bowl is so elegant and zen-like you could use it for almost anything after, even as a piece of art.

To be honest, this idea felt very special.
It is THE perfect way to stay connected when you’re together or apart!
Kids love this kind of stuff and it’s what memories are made of.

The handmade leather bracelet has strong hypoallergenic magnetic clasps.
They’ll also add a custom note in your child’s handwriting.

I so wish these were available when my kids were younger.

Imagine serving whiskey from a decanter with your name etched on the side!
You can also add a year – do you go with a mysterious date that leaves dad guessing, or one he’s familiar with?
You could also turn this gift into a guessing game during Father’s Day with clues delivered during the day! 
Your dad unwraps three gifts; one glass in the morning, another at midday, and then in the evening he unwraps the bottle!

This set comes with two extra-thick glasses to help keep that scotch on the rocks cold yet easy to hold.
The top makes for an air-tight seal, keeping flavours in.


I took two natural resources, linen and copper and curated unusual gift ideas. 
Inside you’ll find linen dishcloths, pinafore aprons, reusable bread bags, and more. 

For copper, I found a stunning copper sink, copper pipe trivet and more.

Happy Father's Day everyone!

How to Find the Best Father's Day Gift - Whole Food Studio: Do you need to find an extra-special gift for Father's Day? We list 4 hobbies dad's love to do then we found ideas you can easily customize
How to Find the Best Father's Day Gift - Whole Food Studio: How to find a unique gift for Father's Day that are also handcrafted and easily customized
Looking for fun gift ideas for this Father's Day? See what we found for you
Surprise Dad with these custom gift ideas for Father's Day
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