How to Host a Halloween Party

If you’ve decided to host a Halloween party for family or friends and need some help, then this planner will save you time . . . even if it’s a last-minute idea! 

How does a Halloween planer work?

Planners try to have everything you need to host the ideal party.

Pages remind you to find scary art, or print off the ones we have and to have 3 scary jokes ready.

We also created done-for-you invitations for your party. Just add your own information and deliver to your guests.

Now it’s time to start planning cute-spooky things like music, makeup, and a meal.

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4 great reasons to love hosting your own Halloween party

  1. You get to choose the level of scariness, which, if you have kids, is important.
  2. You can make this as kid-friendly as you like. Some activities, such as the mazes, would make a great family challenge.
Samples of activities
A few of the Halloween Planner bucket pages from in our store

What you need to build your Halloween planner:

Unless you bought a pre-made Halloween planner, you’ll need to take some time to create yours.


  • a printer and ink, preferably with color cartridges
  • Paper for printing
  • Scissors
  • 1″ ring binder
  • 3-hole punch
  • Sheet protectors if preferred


  • Invite your family or friends with the done-for-you invitations first.

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Open the download from your purchase.

Print the pages.

If your download has spine art, trim and fold back the excess paper before sliding it into the binder’s sleeve.  

Choose the cover you prefer for your binder.


I recommend printing all the pages as you’ll discover some nice surprises, such as the front door and garden decor to remember.
With minimalistic lined pages, you’ll feel inspired. not cluttered.


I hope you’ll give this Halloween planner a try next time you want to host a cute-spooky party.

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