How to Host The Easiest Cookie-Swap Party

tree outline made out of cookies with the word LOVE inside

Why Planning Ahead Matters

Have you ever wanted to host a cookie-swap and discovered you don’t know where to even begin?
For first-timers, the logistics are scary.

Let’s take a breath and crunch those numbers.

10 – 20 people making 6 dozen cookies is the equivalent to somewhere between 720 and 1500 cookies . . 
That’s a whole lot of cookies, right!? 

And then you need platters and tongs, bags and labels, drinks, festive music, sugar-less snacks . . .  

What planning does is take the whole process of hosting a cookie-swap party and breaks it down into stress-free, manageable steps.
In a nutshell, planning gets you from ‘GO!’ through to “Whoa!” with minimum stress.

These Chocolate Walnut Cookies are delicious if you’re looking for some cookie inspiration while you plan your party.

Walnut chocolate chunk cookie on a wood board
Chocolate walnut cookies

The Two Types of Planning Checklists

Planning is an almost impossible feat when everything on your list is also inside your head.
And that’s what amazing checklists do best.

Checklists take all the tasks you need to get done, lists them in logical working order, then lets you check each one as you go.

Now with one glance at the list, you know exactly where you are and what needs to get done next.
When you can see you need to order bags and labels next, that’s what you do.
And when you can see it’s time to bake the cookies, a funny thing happens.
You do just that!

With a sense of order comes an inner calm which helps you be a better organizer. Instead of spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast, you’ll be bombing along with a smile.

I feel there are two types of planning checklists.

There’s the single page: quick and easy, which gets to the point. It’s basically a summary of what must get done and is perfect for experienced party planners.
If you’ve hosted a cookie-swap party before you probably already have leftover bags and labels. Or, you know which ones to re-order.

What about those who have never planned a cookie-swap party?

This is where the multi-page checklist comes in handy.
If this is your first time hosting a cookie-swap party a single page isn’t going to cut it.
You need a deeper walk-through with ideas and suggestions.

For example:
when do you invite guests and still give them enough time to shop and bake?
Do you want a no-bake or no-chocolate theme?
Should it be nut-free?
Do you include kids and what activities will they do? 
How do you make sure there’s a variety of cookies? 

I love both styles for their very different reasons. 

Do you need that one-page checklist? 

Three cookies with four pale green hearts surround the words My Cookie-Swap Party Checklist

Have you considered hosting a small cookie-swap party?

There are lots of reasons during the year to call up friends for a small cookie-swap party.

How about Thanksgiving?
For many, this celebration is a big family gathering which calls for cookies! And you’re giving homemade thanks!

Other good reasons for small cookie-swap parties are;

  • Girl’s night out
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Back-to-School
  • Supporting a friend
  • Easter
  • National Cookie Day

How much fun would these all be!
Remember, your first cookie-swap party doesn’t have to be a huge end-of-year event when there’s already a lot going on.

And, if you need a festive, any time of the year recipe to make coffee and cookies taste even better together, grab this homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Creamer.
I love that it’s easy and can be made ahead.
You may want to have some in your fridge today!

Shortbread and gingerbread cookies set out in the shape of a tree

Items to consider for your next cookie-swap party

Why wait for the end of year to host your party? 
Grab cookie stencils for Thanksgiving!

This cookie decorating turntable is sturdier than most which makes it perfect for cupcakes as well.

When you’re decorating so many cookies, have your cooling rack work on double-duty.

Other cookie recipes

Chocolate Double Oat Cookie
If you’re looking for a healthy, dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, egg yolk-free cookie that blends the right amount of cocoa with Pumpkin Pie Spice then this soft cookie recipe has everything you need.
Perfect if you need to use up stale dried fruit.

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