How To Make 2 Simple Pain Relief Massage Oils With 2 Kitchen Ingredients Everyone Has

You may be wondering why a food blog has two massage oil recipes but these base ingredients are in everyone’s kitchen . . .
black peppercorns and oil – perfect for muscle pain relief!
Here are some interesting facts about Piper nigrum and then the recipes are just below.


black peppercorns on top of a music sheet around the words, 'all you need is'

Did you know . . .

  • In Latin, Piper is plant and nigrum is black.
  • Pepper was once used to pay tolls, ransoms, rent and reward.
  • A bribe in Venice was sealed with a pound of peppercorns while in France the same weight freed a slave.
  • In Germany, the wealthy were once known as, ‘pepper sacks.’
  • In France, the law dictates you may only call Piper nigrum, ‘poivre.’
  • At one time black pepper was the most expensive of all peppers, earning the reputation of, ‘black gold.’
  • The word ‘pep,’ comes from the missing ‘zing’ in your step or the ‘pepper to your spirit.’
  • In 1973 Prince Charles of England accepted, along with other gifts, a pound of pepper for the hand of the Duchy of Cornwall.
  • Today Vietnam is the world’s largest producer of pepper and India is second.
  • The world population purchases and consumes three times more black peppercorns than white.
  • Peugeot of France invented the pepper grinder in 1842.
  • Peppercorn oil was used in ancient times for massage and here are two of my favourite recipes below.

Just like in the good ol’ days, the right essential oil was known to relieve pain and discomfort. You may have heard how anyone with a toothache should pop a whole nutmeg clove up against the tooth. In an emergency, I’ve tried it and can say, it works.
Likewise, black pepper can be used outside the kitchen as well.
These small hard seeds contain over a dozen different phytochemicals (nature’s plant-based chemicals) but the main one is Piperine.
As warmth naturally relaxes tense or tired muscles, when you soak peppercorns in a carrier oil you also capture black pepper’s essential oils.

The health benefits of black pepper

Not only is black pepper antibacterial, but the essential oils fight off fungus, reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation.
In studies it has also been discovered that black pepper boosts the immune system, is an anti-oxidant and helps fight asthma, cancer, and depression.

Pepper massage oil: known to ease arthritic joints and warm tired or sore muscles

Black pepper corns in olive oil on a wood tray, with peppercorns to the side


1 tablespoon whole black peppercorns, lightly cracked
½ cup organic almond, organic coconut, or extra virgin olive oil




Add lightly cracked peppercorns in a jar and cover with an oil of your choice.
Steep for at least two weeks before using.

NOTE: peppercorns continue to infuse, so remember, use less oil and massage with lighter strokes as your oil ages.
Use less oil if your skin is sensitive.


Your skin will also absorb the benefits of your carrier oil.  Try all three either on their own or combined.
Coconut oil helps with digestion.
Almond oil absorbs quickly and contains Vitamins A and E.
Olive oil, this liquid gold of oils was used by Cleopatra and contains antioxidants and Vitamin E for healing.


birds eye view of cracked black pepper in olive oil on stone counter

If you prefer even more heat try a peppercorn, ginger and chilli massage oil

To the peppercorns and oil, add:
1 teaspoon of ground ginger powder
1/2 teaspoon chilli powder

Caution: Apply even less oil and use extra-light stroking movements.




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