105 Things I'm Grateful For

From the studio 105 Things I'm Grateful For

Learn how great it feels when you focus on the positive

Every day we are faced with negativity however if you wrote down just one thing you feel grateful for in your life every day, you may be surprised to see how full and incredible your life is.

This is a different journal, because there are no guiding prompts or inspirational quotes. 
Instead, on each page you will have the cutest of cats.

This makes a perfect gift for cat-lovers or anyone who is not fond of the typical journal.

A sample spread of 3 covers and lined pages

Take a peek inside

Cover of journal as if it was a 3D book

Here's what you get:

  • 3 front covers to choose from
  • 105 unnumbered pages to give you 3 months of writing
  • 15 different page cat designs so you’re never bored.

That’s 3 big months of writing and doodling!

Cover of journal as if it was a 3D book

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