My Happiness Journal

Illustrations showing the cover and two inside pages

Learn how to focus on happiness with journaling

When you take a moment each day to focus on happiness or touch on what made you frown, it becomes easier to let go.

The words are on paper and no longer spinning inside our heads until we’re dizzy.
Daily prompts help you focus on what’s important without feeling overwhelmed by a blank page.

3D Cover of My Happiness Journal
More inside page samples

Fillable pages with these four prompts help you reflect on your day:

  • Things that made me smile today . . .
  • Things that made me frown today . . .
  • How I can make tomorrow even better!
  • A promise to myself . . .

Peek inside a few pages

A selection of page examples
Cover of My Happiness Journal
Steps to create the spine art

Print all fillable 36 pages or chose the ones you love most and store them in a handy binder.

Don’t forget the spine art!
Just follow the quick steps and your binder will be easy to find on the book shelf. 

Here's what you get:

  • 1 stunning front cover
  • 1 set of luxury spine art for either 1″ and 1 1/2″ binders, complete with instructions
  • 18 unique lined pages embellished with elements from the cover
  • 18 matching unlined pages

That’s *36* different writing pages for your month of journaling.

* Because no one wants to write about happiness on a page they don’t like, we’ve added extra pages to choose from.

Now you can build your own style to journal with.  

3D Cover of My Happiness Journal

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