My 30-day Gratitude Journal

Announcing the new 30-Day Gratitude Journal as a booklet and two page samples

No matter whether you want to bring a teaspoon or cupful of gratitude into your life, this  journal is for you!

Thought provoking prompts and different quotes keep each day fresh as you touch on a wide range of ideas.

Take a few minutes, either in the beginning or end of each day to explore different areas in your life and discover what is important for you.

Here's what you get:

  • 63 pages 
  • Double-sided printing if you prefer
  • A cover page for your binder
  • Enough space on the sides for a 3-hole punch
  • Your choice of A4 or US Letter size
  • Alternate lined and blank pages in soft, uplifting hues of pink with flowers and butterflies for inspiration.
Pretty In Pink 30 Day Gratitude Journal sample of pages

Use this keepsake journal to help show you there is something to feel grateful about every day.

Guilt-free gratitude!
No pages are numbered or dated, so print the pages you like and start when you are ready. Write each day, every second day, or just once a week. 
Much like life, this journal is designed with flexibility.

A closer look at the pages:

My 30 Day Gratitude Journal Cover


This pretty in pink cover has just enough butterflies and flowers to celebrate gratitude with calm.

Printed in your choice of A4 or US Letter size, the pages fit your binder for easy reference.

Graphics are optimized for ink-saving printing at home and can easily become double-sided pages.

My 30 Day Gratitude Journal family prompt lined page


30 days of prompts will help you explore different areas in your life you may not have considered before.

Challenging you to focus with gratitude, the inspirational quotes add more to each page.

Dates help make this journal a keepsake to look back on and reflect.

My 30 Day Gratitude Journal blank page

With calm blank pale pink pages between each day, your mind has the chance to pause. 
Use these pages as an opportunity to have some fun or process other thoughts because not everyone likes to stay between the lines.

With space to doodle you can explore meditation while flowers and butterflies make you feel connected to the world.

Sometimes discovering an area in your life that brings gratitude can trigger fresh ideas . . .  maybe a small gift for someone special, a recipe to try, or a friend you should reach out to.

Pretty In Pink 30 Day Gratitude Journal sample of pages

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