Add kid-friendly and extra-scary ideas to your Halloween party

Extras - cupcake wrappers, stickers, gift tags

We’ve created a wide range of extras for your Halloween party for all ages and from the not-so-scary to terrifying! 

Here's what you get:

  • 2 sticker sheets
  • 8 cupcake wrapper designs
  • 3 photo frames
  • 3 treat bag toppers
  • 8 gift tags
  • 8 scary prank pages

Print and trim before using:

Stickers and cupcake covers

Print and add your favorite Halloween photos:

Add photos to the frames

Print, trim, fold, and staple on each treat bag:

Treat bag toppers

Print and trim for gifts:

8 gift tags of different colours

Print, add a signature, then leave in a place where someone won't expect:

Prank pages
4 prank pages
Extras - cupcake wrappers, stickers, gift tags