Bust That Dust: House Cleaning Planner

3D house cleaning planner with two page examples in turquoise and gold

Learn how cleaning your home is easier than you think

Cleaning your home shouldn’t fill you with a sense of dread and overwhelm.
With the bite-sized approach, these lists help break down and show you what needs to get done. 

These daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly lists show you how easy jobs get done.

And we’ve included a chores list to help you delegate and share a few of those tasks.

Here's what you get:

18-page snapshot of what's included
Spine art for binders
Spine art for your binder so it's easy to find on your bookshelf!

Take a look inside:

Here's what you do:

Print each page and store it in a handy binder.
You’ve got covers for every section making it easier to find pages you need.

Then, each day, week, or month,  pin the most relevant page on your family cork board, because you’ve got this! 

Here's what you get:

  • 1 front cover
  • 1 back cover
  • 6 sectional covers
  • 2 one-year calendars (2021-2022)
  • 2 Daily Cleaning styles to choose from
  • 3 Weekly Cleaning styles to choose from
  • 12 Monthly Cleaning pages
  • 1 Year Cleaning page
  • 1 Chore Chart
  • 1 Home Maintenance page
  • Spine art for your binder (1″ or 1.5″) 

That’s 30 different pages to help you lose the stress over a mess!

A sample of covers to each section

Divide your pages with a cover and take the hassle out of finding what you’re looking for.

Simply insert each cover into a sleeve and you’ll quickly find the pages you need every time.

3D book showing the House Cleaning Planner

We use Designrr for our flip books

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