Getting IT Done

Getting IT Done planner and sample pages

When a planner looks so calm

You can’t help but use a planner when you feel you can breathe which is why we chose house plants.
And, when you don’t feel rushed, making plans each day is easier.

To encourage focus, daily lists show you only what needs doing today so you can worry about tomorrow’s tasks later.
By breaking down what is important for just that one day, you reduce a sense of overwhelm that endless lists can create.

When bite-sized lists are realistic and doable, you’ll feel you are in control.

Try getting your tasks done, one day at a time.

Samples of 18 pages in the planner

Here's what you get:

60 pages for daily reminders and designated areas so you can jot down important tasks.

60 blank pages for even more notes or a calm space to doodle in.

That’s 120 pages in total.
Just fill out the date, or day of the week on each page and you’re all set to go!

Snapshot of larger page samples and the cover

Take a peek at these sample pages

Print each page, slide the cover into the sleeve of your 1″ binder, and keep it handy.

Then, each day or week, pin the page you need on your family cork board or keep it on your desk right where you need it! 

3D cover of Getting IT done planner

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