Planning a last-minute easy Academy Awards party you can rinse-and-repeat, and no one will forget it!

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, I thought for fun, if you had a FREE party planner and checklist it would help you plan your own last-minute, keep-it-simple-and-easy Movie Awards party that no one will forget!

Imagine your guests coming in from the cold, kicking off their winter boots, unwinding scarves, pulling off mitts, and hanging up their jackets and coats, and when they step in from the foyer . . .

you hear a gasp.


red carpet

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You have used colour themes from the red carpet, white gowns, and gold Oscars, and now your familiar oak dining table is covered in a  4-way stretchable red spandex tablecloth.

red spandex table cloths stretch over the table top and down to the legs



These come in a plethora of other colours for different occasions.
Sized for a 4′, 6′, or 8′ table, they are wrinkle-free, washable, and reusable!
(But your guest won’t know that until this time next year!)




wine bottle in an acrylic wine cooler.
Also perfect for red wine


On top stands your ice-less non-drip clear wine cooler, keeping their favourite wine cool for the next 3 hours.
Just chill the wine, there is no need to freeze these coolers beforehand, and when someone asks what you are drinking – the label is readable,





Next to your wine cooler is a cheese board and charcuterie platter.

I love, love big, BIG boards as there is nothing worse for a host than watching food fall off  . . .  well, now that I think about it,
maybe there is.

nuts, crackers and olives on a wood board
This summer cottage board is my go-to for guests as I can load it up for a festive feel!

cheese reflected on a square stainless steel cheddar cheese knife



Check you also have cheese knives – they are a nice touch and reduce cross-contamination (some people will never like blue cheese which makes things guest-awkward when there is just one knife).



Then, the talk of the party – until the awards begin-  is this unique crystal chandelier cake stand to add a touch of Hollywood pizzazz and glitter.
Your guests know they are in for a surprise.
Are you serving a New York cheesecake or, perhaps a flourless chocolate cake?

While these white and gold cocktail napkins set the final touches!

Cheers everyone!

And last but never least, is a bowl of your super simple, spicy popcorn from an older post which is for anyone watching their sugar intake.


Now, back to your FREEBIE!
I am so excited to share this set of printables with you!
Inside, there are two parts.
One is for you to help plan your party.
The other is for you and your guests on the night of the Academy Awards!

Use these to predict who will win in each category, who your favourites are, who is nominated, and then, who wins.

Simply print and keep pages 2, 3, and 11 for yourself.
Print the rest for each guest.
Staple those pages together, add a glittery pen and you are all set!

So without further ado,

black and white clapperboard used in the movie industry

Take two


AAAnd . . .



Click on the link below to access your complimentary copy.

My Movie Award Planner Freebie


Let me know how your Academy Award’s party went!


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