From the studio announcing the garden journal which is a planner

Learn how planning and caring for your garden is easier than you think

When it comes to your garden, it thrives on year-round care.
These weekly and monthly pages are divided into seasons to show you how easy jobs get done.

And we’ve included lists to help you keep track of some of the important tasks that a garden needs.

4 seasons pages

Peek inside a few pages:

My 12 Month Garden Journal 3D cover

Print each page and store it in a handy binder.
Pages for each season help you keep track and make it easier to find pages you need. And we’ve included the winter season should you live in the southern hemisphere.

Each week pin the most relevant pages on your family cork board, because you’ve got this!

Here's what you get:

  • 1 front cover for your binder
  • 4 seasons, including winter!
  • Soil testing, feeding, and pruning reminders.
  • 12 monthly pages – with space to add your own months for your seasons
  • 52 weekly pages – with space to jot down what to buy and do
  • 5 tracker charts
  • Garden design pages to help you plan your flower, herb, or vegetable gardens
  • Inspirational quotes and illustrations

That’s a ton of pages┬áto help you garden the easy way, all year round.

12 monthly pages

Divide your pages with a cover and take the hassle out of finding what you’re looking for.

Simply insert each cover into a sleeve and you’ll quickly find the pages you need every time.

52 weekly pages, 5 tracking sheets
Note pages samples

We use Designrr to make our flip book.

My 12 Month Garden Journal 3D cover
3D cover of the My Garden Journal in sage