My Garden Journal

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My Garden Journal mock up in sage

96 pages of practical, fillable content . . . perfect for the gardener inside you!

Elegant and inspirational yet designed for maximum flexibility. 

My Garden Journal mockup in peach

The My Garden Journal is available in either peach or sage.
Both versions have the same graphics and come complete with:
~ front and back covers.
~ 2 spine art designs to choose from.
~ 12 fillable months with four seasons.
~ 4 fillable seasons divided into three months.
~ 5 fillable weeks for each month.
~ 7 fillable days for each week.
~ 4 tracker sheets for crop yields, fertilizer, flower planting, pest and disease control.
~ 2 pages for extra notes.
~ seasonal reminders to test your soil.
~ monthly reminders to sow, plant, fertilize, prune.
~ weekly to-do reminders.

That’s 96 elegant pages of practical content without the fluff . . . and because you fill out the months, it won’t matter if your spring begins in March or September!
However, if we missed something let us know and we’ll add it at no extra cost. (Just send us an email).

My Garden Journal is designed for maximum flexibility.
If you:
don’t garden over winter, aren’t designing a new flower or herb garden this year or, only test your soil once a year, then we’ve got you covered!
Simply print what you want, when you need it.

Technical Details:
Set at 220 dpi for printer-friendly home use.
1/2″ margins for hole allowance should you prefer double-sided pages.
You will also need:
– a 1″ binder with sleeves or inserts for your cover and spine art.
– a 3-hole punch.
– hole reinforcements.
– adhesive tabs, if you prefer.

And the best part about this journal . . . just like seeds, save a copy and you’ll have another for next year!

My Garden Journal mock up in sage
My Garden Journal in sage
Spring garden goals in sage
A peek inside
Monthly reminder in sage
A peek inside
vegetable tracker in sage
A peek inside
My Garden Journal mockup in peach
My Garden Journal in peach
Summer garden goals in peach
A peek inside
Monthly reminder in peach
A peek inside
Pests tracker
A peek inside