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Our recipes are designed for beginners in the kitchen

We’ve all been there as a beginner in the kitchen and recipes can feel overwhelming. These recipes are easy to make and follow along.

As well as the recipe, you’ll get:

  • An equipment list so you know nothing can stop you
  • Check lists
  • Photos
  • Tips as you go
  • Detailed instructions that make sense
  • Activities for young children who want to be in the kitchen with you, but not necessarily help.


3D cover for Berry Salad
Berry Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Cover showing the fennel Grapefruit Avocado Salad
Fennel Grapefruit Avocado Salad
Dutch Baby Pancakes recipe book
Dutch Baby Pancakes
Pecan Zucchini Bread
Pecan Zucchini Bread
Cover of Chocolate Peanut Clusters
Chocolate Peanut Clusters
Lemons and a glass juicer on a wood chopping board

A peek at what's inside the Dutch Baby Pancakes recipe:

Brunch invitations included
Dutch Baby Pancakes brunch invitations
Photos and instructions for beginners
Step-by-step photos
Recipe, games, and shopping list
Recipe, activities, and shopping list