Staying Calm And Busy Through Coronavirus Panic: Amazing At-Home Activity Ideas To Get You Started Today

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What we can do for ourselves and families

As the coronavirus, COVID-19, makes its way across nations and around the world, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to remain calm and not panic.

Many of us must stay in our homes to help slow the virus from spreading which is not our norm.
And when our typical daily activities include running around, meeting friends, and going to a movie or the gym, this change is stressful for everyone.
Feeling cooped up indoors is not a lot of fun, and the temptation to turn on television is right there.

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Here are three of the best things you can do right now

  1. Try to limit how much news you watch.
  2. Get updates and facts from reliable sources.
  3. Then focus your attention elsewhere.
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How do you change focus?

The first two are fairly easy, but HOW do you change focus when a pandemic surrounds us? a

You can avoid contact with other people and wash your hands more carefully, but your ability to remain calm comes from within.
That also means we need to really make a conscious effort to reduce our stress and anxiety while this virus runs its course.

Let’s go over one great way you and your family can feel grounded during these rapidly changing times with COVID-19.

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Finding Creative Outlets For You and Your Family

You might all be stuck in the house for the next few weeks, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel like you all have cabin fever. More than likely you’ll only increase feelings of panic.

This is a great time to try out some new (or old) creative hobbies. When you’re focused on building or creating something new, you’re reducing the amount of focus on the negativity surrounding you.
That means creativity is a solid way to help you relax.

A creative outlet can be almost anything.

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Here are a few ideas you might want to try.

  • Painting, colouring, or drawing
    – grab your free Mandala and More bundle here!
  • Singing or playing musical instruments
  • Playing board games
  • Making that recipe on your wish-list
  • Creating a family pantomime
  • Taking photos or videos of things you enjoy
  • Building something with things lying around the house
  • Writing
  • Puzzles
  • Creating your comic story

    No matter what you choose, the goal is to find an activity or task that requires an intense amount of focus and makes you all happy.

    Make sure you have the supplies before making an announcement!

Creating your comic story

Some of you may not know I’m a published picture book author and I love creating new things, whether it’s a recipe, a foldable book or  anything else.

When you download the 39 page comic book template you are walked through brainstorming a plot, the setting and four characters.
You also get comic page templates that help guide you through the story as well as comic illustrations for extra inspiration. 

My Comic Book Cover
Sketching out characters in your plot
Brainstorming ideas on creating a story

How to turn your comic pages into a family project

If you’re stuck for an idea – how about this one for you and your family?

  • Print off the pages you need. 
    Pages 1-11 are dedicated to planning the story.
    Pages 12 – 27 are blank comic templates.
    Pages 28 – 38 are  illustrated for inspiration.


  • Now establish the rules!


  • As a group, decide on your story idea and choose the characters.


  • Decide how long you all get to work on your pages.


  • Grab your pages and set the timer.


  • When Times UP!
    eet over a snack and as a team, try to piece the story together and find an awesome title.

How to stretch your comic drawing abilities

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Are you looking for more family ideas?

1. This post gives you a wide variety of illustrated pages including mandalas for much-needed time out.
There’s also a kid’s colouring activity book that shows what ingredients are in food we eat. 

2.  How about trying your hand at growing micro-greens indoors, even if you have NO soil !
Kids learn about photosynthesis, plants, and gardening as well as nutrition.

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  1. Great ideas to keep calmer. These are surely crazy times we are in now!

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